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Hooked on Sonics

New 7" from Doug Mason, Ash news, and the second press of Cold Warps ST/Endless Bummer 12" on grey vinyl (and more)

The good news:

It's only -35 degrees celcius in suburban Nova Scotia.

The great news: (There is lots of it.)

I received word from the good people at Golden Mastering that the new Doug Mason 7" is off to plating as of tonight. This will be the 7th in the Singles Series, and subscribers get this one on pink vinyl. Still waiting for artwork, but that's in the pipeline for the spring. Michael Jackson (the sole member of Doug Mason) is one of my best friends and one of my favorite songwriters, so this one is pretty special.

The long-awaited and absolutely beautiful Ash triple lp sets have finally landed in the hands of our customers, despite some puzzling postal issues (records arriving in Australia before St. Louis). Thanks for being patient and incredibly civil in your correspondance. If for some reason you record hasn't arrived as of next week, please get in touch and I'll sort it out.

Ash have also announced appearances at SXSW...other US dates should be just around the corner. Other Noyes acts at SXSW are Kestrels and Cold Warps. Both bands are touring in the States around the festival, and dates are coming soon.

Speaking of Cold Warps: the second pressing of the ST/Endless Bummer 12" will be back from the pressing plant in mid-February, and this time it's on grey vinyl. Pre-orders coming soon.

Construction & Destruction/Cousins split is being mastered as we speak and should be out by May.

Noyes is putting out a nutty amount of records this year. You may want to sign up for our new mailing list HERE and get discounts, deals, news, and whatever else we can muster.

January 24/2013 | Posted by Noyes Records