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Happy Ash release day!

Tour starts this weekend with Weezer

Happy Ash release day!

This has definitely been the quickest selling pre-order in Noyes history. Waiting to hear from the pressing plant when the sets will be shipping, but should be next week sometime. The band and I poured over the art for quite a while and it's going to look fantastic.

All purchases from this point will include an immediate download of the 27 singles. As I've mentioned previously, the download code included with the vinyl is good for all singles, bonus tracks, the Little Infinity EP, and the "A is for Ash" documentary. Please note: if you choose the FLAC download option, the file will be near 2 gigs.

The Examiner had some nice words to say about Ash and their show with Weezer. Note Mark's pose...

November 06/2012 | Posted by Noyes Records